The Shire of Amlethsmor

Officers of the Shire of Amlethsmor

Every SCA branch is ran by a group of officers. These officers see to different interests in the shire ranging from fighting to archery to crafts as well as the real world business of the branch. To learn more about an office, click on its title.


The seneschal is the administrator and legal representative of a branch in the SCA.

Lady Jade of Winterhold 
seneschal at


The herald helps register names and devices (coats of arms), as well as make announcements at meetings and events

pursuivant at


The exchequer is the treasurer of an SCA branch.

HE Baron Richard Dale
exchequer at

Knights Marshal

The Knights Marshal is in charge of making sure all period fighting is done safely. He or she also trains others to fight.

HE Baron Eric Saint Leger
knightsmarshal at

Arts and Science Minister

The Arts and Sciences Minister helps members develop period arts and crafts. If the A&S Minister does not know how to do a period craft he or she likely knows someone that does.

Lady Delis Alms
moas at

Archer Marshal

The archer marshal is in charge of making sure archery is done safely as well as teaching others how to shoot a bow.

archermarshal at


The webminister is the webmaster of the shire, and in charge of designing and maintaining the shire' s website.

Lord Hubert de Stockleye
webminister at

Officer device graphics © by Lord Cameron Ian MacLaird, used by permission.

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